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About MealsAWeight  

MealsAWeight is Vancouver's first meal prep company established in 2012. We are a completely "ready to eat" meal delivery company focused on making healthy eating convenient, cost efficient and tasty. Our goal is to change your perception on "diet food" and prove to you that high quality and organic ingredients paired with love create fantastic meals that won't jeopardize your health.

We start by growing and drying our own herbs and making our own spice blends. We purchase top quality organic meats and seafood and prep them to the highest standards. We provide our customers a continuous variety of fresh, delicious, low calorie, low sodium, and nutritionally balanced meals to choose from on our extensive menu.

Our meals are perfectly portioned with your goals in mind. We deliver the meals with our refrigerated company van - ensuring they're always kept fresh. The meals are fresh in your fridge for up to 5 days or can be frozen for up to 2 months.

We also offer wonderful, high-protein snacks, the best protein balls, and breakfast options to keep you well-fed all day. Our perfectly-portioned meals come in microwave-safe and recyclable containers so all you have to do is heat them up. If you have dietary restrictions or special requests we will adhere to them - simply reach out to us.

We also do catering for corporate lunches and small gatherings. We want you to enjoy chef prepared and nutritionist approved meals with your family or co-workers.

Chef Ellie of Mealsaweight standing in front of Mealsaweight logo.
Chef Ellie of Mealsaweight standing in front of Mealsaweight logo.

Our Story

We started out because owner, Ellie, had a knack for creating one-of-a-kind healthy recipes from scratch. Her love for food paired with her passion of fighting diseases caused by poor nutrition and bad eating habits is why we are here today.

Being busy and overwhelmed while in university led to poor dietary choices, but the real wake-up call was seeing her mother go through breast cancer. Seeing how integral health is, and realizing how nutrition is the root of it all, she started eating healthy meal prep herself and making better lifestyle choices. Quickly she realized her family and close friends all wanted to get onboard a healthier journey. Realizing she wasn't alone in the struggle to find time to prioritize her health, what started as a hobby job during university turned into a wonderful career.

Food is the greatest medicine we have, and if you invest in your health today you will save money in the future. Now this family-run business has a 1600sqft custom built commercial kitchen and has fed people over 700,000 nutritious meals. We truly believe healthy eating does not have to be bland, boring or restrictive. We HATE fad diets and will always encourage you to eat a well-balanced and nutrient dense meals that you love.

Over 10 years in business - owner and operator Ellie has big goals in store. Besides healthy individual meal prep, we want to be your go-to for all of your ordered family meals, catering and corporate lunches. We truly believe feeding your loved ones a healthy and nutritious meal is the best way to show love! So please share our story with someone you know and love!

— Ellie Jubene, Founder of MealsAWeight


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