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How It Works

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Choose Plan

Choose off the menu or customize a meal plan based on your macros and dietary restrictions.

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Place your Order

Finalize your order before our weekly cut-off or subscribe and save.

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Get your Meals

Have meals delivered to your home or work. You can also pick your meals up at one of our convenient pickup locations.

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Store, Heat & Eat

Keep your meals refrigerated for 5 days (or freeze). Heat in microwave and enjoy.

Why MealsAWeight?

Quality ingredients, guaranteed

We source local, fresh, organic ingredients, transform them into healthy, delicious meals. It's just real food, packed with healthy nutrients to help you feel incredible. All our food is prepared in our FOODSAFE certified kitchen.

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Abundant flavours and variety

Healthy doesn't mean boring food, we never compromise on flavour. We turn your all-time favourite meals into healthy versions that you can enjoy without any guilt. We have over 60 protein variations ensuring you get a variety of meals every single time.

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Eating healthy made easy

No more hassle with grocery shopping, meal prep or washing dishes. All our meals can be customized to your specific needs or goals. Just place your order, reheat and eat whenever you’re ready! All our containers are fully recyclable.

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Putting your well being first

Our meals don’t just taste good – they benefit your everyday life! We help you meet your goals - whether you want to start a healthier journey, lose weight or simply save time. We're here to make your life easier and healthier.

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Save Time & Money

We know there are other food delivery apps - however, save scroll time - and eat HEALTHY and well balanced meals for less Money!

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Our testimonials

I am a self employed single mom. I have struggled to make healthy meals for myself that fit within my weight loss goals and also cook for my kids who have different dietary requirements. MealsAWeight has truly come to my rescue! Not only are the foods delicious, but it's wonderful to have variety and now that I am in the groove, I do not feel deprived. There is variety provided to me every week and I can't wait to see what I get."
Sabeena Bubber
I decided to try these meals as life was getting super busy and I couldn’t cook healthy meals. We order the keto option and the meals are super tasty, with great variety, and perfectly portioned! I love how the meals are labelled so you know which to each first (the meals that will keep longer are labelled for later in the week). Reliable delivery, great menu options and the variety is fantastic."
Tricia Donald
In the one month I have been getting the meals with MealsAWeight I have benefited by saving money, time and have been able to begin achieving my health and fitness goals.I would recommend them and the services she provides to anyone looking to align their health, fitness, and financial goals."
Brian Tran
After trying 2 different meal prep companies, overall this one has the best tasting menu. I only just started but I can see from the 8 meals I just received, no 2 meals are the same! I am a picky eater as I eat out a lot, and this taste like clean, healthy, delicious food!"
James W
Absolutely LOVE mealsaweight! Ellie and her team always create the most delicious dishes with great healthy ingredients. Makes nourishing your body & crushing your goals a breeze. So many options and perfect for any nutrition plan!"
Nikki Korek
This meal service is so good! Makes eating in a healthy way so simple-and enjoyable! I love their food so much, that when I occasionally take a week off, to cook for myself and my husband, I miss their meals! Great variety, I've never been disappointed with a single meal."
Darlene Strathdee
Absolutely amazing customer service!  I contacted MealsAWeight Meal Prep & Catering as a new customer with a very last minute request for a multi-day meal prep, and they completely came through for me!  They accommodated all requests and provided a tonne of options and varieties  to choose from.  I will definitely use them on my future trips to Vancouver."
Marnie Jeremiah
Delicious, healthy, and fresh. I have tried a number of meal prep companies and been disappointed by them all. If you have had this same experience, let yourself be pleasantly surprised by Ellie's meals. It is unlike the others. Truly :)"
Pareen Sehat
I've tried various meal prep/prepared meal services over the years and Meals A Weight is by far the best. Their food is incredibly flavourful and varied, and the customer service is truly unbelievable. I have a number of food restrictions, and yet I still get a variety of delicious food. "
Annabelle Glass
Love this company! The food they prepare is made with love and passion and it shows! All prepared to your specifications. Delivery is on time, everytime! Mine goes directly into the freezer and everything freezes really well! Best way to make sure you eat a healthy and filling lunch! Especially now that the rain is upon us, having a hot lunch ready to go is the best!  Can't say enough about this company! Try them!"
S.L. Barrie
MealsAWeight is the best! Their meals are extremely tasty, very fresh ingredients and great portions. I have tried many different meal prep companies in the past and by far Ellie and her team are #1. 100% recommended!"
Evan Simard
The meals are soooo tasty! You wont even believe you’re eating healthy (until you see the number on the scale drop)!!The service was also amazing and so helpful! Worked with me to create a meal plan that fit my budget and got me my meals on time!Forever will be a client!"
Shiva Esmati

Delivering Delicious Meals All Across Lower Mainland

Healthy meals right to your door. Meals are delivered to you weekly to ensure you always have fresh meals ready to go.

We offer delivery from West Vancouver to Central Langley and everything in between. We also have convenient pick-up locations.

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